What can I expect from the interpersonal test?

interpersonal test

There are many people who dream of spending their lives as pilots and earning money in this way. In fact, it is a real dream job, but for most people it will remain so.

If you want to become a pilot, you will not only face numerous hurdles on your way into the cockpit, but you will also have to prove your qualities in the interpersonal test at many airlines.
This is a very extensive recruitment test that is carried out at Eurowings or DHL, for example. In the following, we will show you which tasks have to be mastered in this test, how you can best prepare and what other requirements are placed on you as a future pilot.

Interpersonal test: What exactly is it about?


The Interpersonal Test is a test procedure carried out by airlines such as Eurowings to recruit new pilots. Applicants have the opportunity to apply for a career as a pilot or to undergo ATPL training with the Group both as ready entries and as ab initio candidates without a pilot’s license.
In both cases, a selection process is carried out, which is divided into a Basic Qualification and a Corporate Qualification.
Both tests are carried out by the company Interpersonal in Hamburg, which is where the name Interpersonal Test comes from. It is important to know that this test is not a performance comparison, but rather a process that focuses on the applicant’s personality.
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Application/requirements: What should I bear in mind?

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Before you can even think about the interpersonal test or the course of your pilot training, you must first check whether you meet the general requirements for the profession.
Only if this is the case can you submit your application with justified hopes.
Otherwise, you can save yourself the trouble.
Here you can see which requirements must be met for the ATPPL at Eurowings according to our experience:
Minimum age of 18 years at the start of training
Permanent residence and travel permit for EU & CH and unrestricted passport
Aptitude for flying (does not have to be present before application)
Good knowledge of English
At least a vocational baccalaureate or secondary school leaving certificate with completed vocational training

If you meet the requirements, you can submit your application for pilot training at the European Flight Academy.
Incidentally, this is the same academy where Lufthansa trains its pilots.
Your application will be completed almost entirely online.
Below you can see which documents are required:

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with application photo
    Available diplomas
    Meaningful letter of motivation

You should make sure you make a good impression when submitting your application documents.
Of course, this also includes sending in your complete documents.


The airline requires a certain amount of financial commitment, as the cost of training is around 60,000 euros. However, the airline will help you with a loan for the training, which you can then pay back as soon as the training is completed.
The airline will provide more detailed information.

Preperaton Interpersonal Test

It is no great surprise that the Interpersonal Test can be described as enormously extensive and complex. You must therefore make sure that you prepare as thoroughly as possible to ensure that you pass it successfully.
It is advisable to support your preparation online with various tests and test tasks.
These also show you the correct solutions so that you can carry out optimum self-monitoring.

It is also advisable to start preparing as early as possible.
The tasks are extremely demanding and can drive you crazy at times, especially at the beginning of your preparation.
Nevertheless, you should simply stay on the ball and focus on eliminating your weaknesses through training.
There are also numerous preparation courses on offer for the Interpersonal Test, although not every course can be recommended without hesitation.

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