The question often asked of SkySupp Support: “Is it possible to train effectively and well for the DLR test?” can initially be answered with a clear ‘yes’. However, the follow-up question that is often asked: “So does that mean that anyone can pass the DLR test?”; must be answered just as clearly with ‘no’, as only a few applicants have the necessary skills.The DLR test can be passed by people who meet the requirements of the very strict profile.
The DLR test is carried out and determined on behalf of the personnel departments of Lufthansa and DFS, for example.

Quick and easy

Anyone who meets the parameters set by DLR in the test is considered suitable.

DLR test contents range from general and subject-specific knowledge in mathematics, physics and English, sensorimotor skills, memory and concentration, group-dynamic behavior, etc. Anyone who meets the expectations of the psychologists and the test in Hamburg or Zurich in these disciplines can look forward to a positive test result and thus to training or employment with Lufthansa, DFS or a chosen airline. the DLR test checks the applicant’s level of knowledge in mathematics and physics.
If you can demonstrate the required knowledge during the test, you have passed the DLR test. Preparation for the test is therefore sensible and advisable.

The sensorimotor tests


Exercises to improve concentration, etc. Multiple stress can be trained, at least to a considerable extent, and hardly any psychologist will be able to deny that. You can train the ability to perform several tasks at the same time, just as you can train the ability to play a musical instrument to a considerable extent.
In this context, it is important to note that the trained skills actually exist. Why else would graduates of a good online DLR test preparation pass their tests even and especially when the DLR psychologists surprise them once again with a new individual test?
The required skills are simply available through practice-oriented training and the test does not represent a serious obstacle for the candidate.

The DLR test training itself must of course be completed, it is not enough to know “what’s coming”. The specified values should be achieved during the training; experience has shown that there is no point in taking the test beforehand. At SkySupp, every student can practise their DLR test online until they are ready to take the exam.
Unfortunately, the DLR test cannot be officially repeated, so this must be taken into account through good and exam-oriented training. The DLR basic examination or basic vocational examination (BU) is passed if you achieve the values specified by DLR as part of the DLR test, and you can only achieve these values if you have achieved them (in whatever form); so why not take a targeted DLR test training course geared towards the actual examination?

How should you prepare for a psychological test, according to the advice of DLR psychologists?

There is no such thing as the “ideal professional pilot”, whose behavior you simply have to copy through training in order to pass the test. Professional pilots at an airline, let’s take Lufthansa, or air traffic controllers at DFS are very different in their characteristics: tall, short, introverted, extroverted, humorous, serious; very different characters from real life. And, to stick with these admittedly somewhat striking images, it should be easy for anyone to understand that a rather quiet, serious applicant is unlikely to mutate into a party animal through literature, if the ideal image of a “party animal” is to be fulfilled as far as possible. No, it’s not quite that simple. Training can only lead to success if the DLR test applicant learns to make the best possible use of his personal characteristics in the test; he must not pretend, he must be present with his personal “tools of the trade”. The optimal use of one’s own “tools” is the goal of the training for the psychological tests at DLR; however, everyone should remain as they are, no unnatural behavior patterns should be trained – this would be noticed by the DLR psychologist.

Ein ILA-Besucher, SkySupp- Online-Absolvent und z.Zt. bei dem Lufthansa-Flight-Training in Ausbildung, versicherte uns, von 18 Flugschüler in seiner Klasse seien 16(!) von SkySupp für den DLR-Test trainiert worden.

And even a DLR psychologist, who also stopped by our stand at the ILA, literally admitted: “We already know that you can train things quite well …” you have to seriously ask yourself why literature tips are still being communicated as the philosopher’s stone.
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