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The first selection step before you can officially apply to the European Flight Academy is the DLR test. You can take the DLR test directly at the EFA’s partner, the German Aerospace Center (DLR). This is a computer-aided, aptitude-diagnostic procedure for which you have already been able to prepare sufficiently (if desired) with SkySupp, in which you are tested in advance for various skills.
Following the DLR test, you will receive a certificate directly from DLR with a rating in various areas of competence.
To be able to apply to the EFA, you must achieve a certain rating. Detailed information on the requirements.

You can currently take the DLR test on site in Hamburg or in Zurich. You can decide flexibly when you are ready for this day and select and book a suitable date directly online (see section below).
As this certificate is the basis for general suitability for a career in the cockpit, this step is deliberately carried out independently of the European Flight Academy. The costs for this test are an investment in your professional future as a pilot and are to be borne by you.

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For appointments in Zurich, please contact DLR directly using this form.

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If you book an appointment in Hamburg, you can request a voucher worth
voucher worth €279.21
on the DLR certificate.
The discount code can be requested by e-mail and should not be forgotten.

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