Is the DLR test difficult to pass? Vorbereitung zum DLR TEST

Online preparation is required. The pilot test is one of the toughest selection tests there is. Anyone who wants to become a pilot or flight attendant cannot avoid this test – and needs to be well prepared.

How long is the DLR test?

The test includes, among other things, recalling and testing English language skills, memory, spatial orientation, mathematics, long-term stress, reaction time and various listening tasks. This first visit to DLR lasts nine hours (including breaks) and ends in the early evening.

How best to prepare for the pilot test?

If you want to prepare for the pilot test, you should bear in mind that you can only take the test once. You should therefore prepare for the test well in advance and, if necessary, consult old school materials to refresh your math, grammar and possibly language skills.

Can I take the DLR test twice?

The BU and FQ can only be passed once. RE has the chance to go through another DLR procedure for LH, but the tests are named differently there: GU as a counterpart to BU and FU as a counterpart to FQ. GU and FU can also only be completed once.

How much do you earn per month as a pilot?

berufspilot lufthansa
How much do airline pilots earn on average per month? As a rule, the monthly salary of a pilot is between 5,000 and 10,000 euros, depending on the employer, licenses and professional experience. An average starting salary for a pilot is 63,000 euros per year, which corresponds to around 5,250 euros per month.

How long does training at Lufthansa take?

Lufthansa offers a 2-year training program, which is divided between Germany and the USA. The final qualification is a commercial pilot’s license, but only around 320 flying hours are completed during the program.