The examinations differ depending on the client or airline (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, DFS, ADAC, etc.) and the corresponding career objective (airline pilot, air traffic control personnel).

In the area of cockpit personnel, a distinction is also made as to whether applicants already have licenses or are only applying for training as commercial pilots at the relevant company.
With our program, we can optimally prepare you for the commercial pilot test.

What bring to the BU?

If you have been informed of this in the invitation, e.g. biographical data sheet, passport photo, data release declaration, identity card, etc.

You do not need any paper, pens or similar.

Advantage on the simulator through flight experience?


No, because the simulator that is used for the suitability test
differs significantly in its operation from a cockpit
in real operation and handling.
You will also receive a detailed briefing with the opportunity to ask questions and to practice and train. This also applies to other device tests that are used in the examination.

Awkward questions in a JOB interview?

Pilot Fragen fürs Vorstellungsgespräch

Of course, we cannot decide for any participant what you personally consider unpleasant.
However, when conducting interviews, most companies and airlines adhere to the relevant and ethical guidelines that apply to personality assessments in general. Topics that are addressed in the personal interview are usually only those that are of essential importance with regard to the desired profession as a pilot or air traffic control personnel.

These can also be comparable situations in your past, e.g. how you behaved in certain situations at school, whether your current life situation or your education allows you to be considered as an applicant at all.
Of course, you have the right to refuse to answer certain questions about yourself if they are too intimate for you.


If you are a candidate in the interview and the question you are asked really seems too personal, don’t hesitate to ask about the purpose of the question.

What clothing is expected?

welche kleidung pilotentest

There are very different recommendations here

Appearing in a black suit not only looks quite exaggerated for a twenty-year-old applicant, but could also have disadvantages in terms of comfort, e.g. during motor skills tests.
On the other hand, you should bear in mind that all reputable airlines require their pilots to wear a proper uniform, so jeans and a worn T-shirt are not appropriate for an application either.

It is best to choose a good quality polo shirt and clean suit trousers in casual style.


Part two of the examination (FQ or FU) has the character of a job interview due to the final interview with you.

You should therefore dress as you would for a job application.

What aids can I use in the BU?

No aids may be used in the tests with the exception of a calculation test.

Paper and pencil will of course be provided.

Is it possible to repeat the test?

In principle, there is no possibility.
However, a negative test does not have to rule out other professions in the aviation industry.

The tests include inquiries and tests of English language skills, memory, spatial orientation, mathematics, long-term stress, reaction time and various listening tasks. This first test session at DLR lasts 9 hours
(with breaks) and is completed by the early evening.

When preparing for the pilot test, you should bear in mind that you can only take the test once. Prepare for the test well in advance and, if necessary, consult school materials to brush up on your math and grammar skills.

Even before the test begins, the airline is aware that only a small percentage of applicants will pass the test.
As you are only allowed to take the test once, it is advisable to prepare carefully for the test. There is a wide range of preparation aids available.

The DLR test is one of the most difficult entrance examinations of all professional groups.
New entrants are expected to have a basic knowledge of flying, so adequate preparation is recommended.

Training as a commercial pilot is a prerequisite for working as a pilot and making a career start.
This is usually offered by private flight schools and takes about 2 years.

As a pilot, you take on a lot of responsibility, have to make decisions, be able to react quickly and are a kind of manager.
For many, the job is very desirable, but the mental and physical strain should not be ignored if you are interested in this job.

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