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What options are there to prepare for the pilot test as quickly and effectively as possible?
There are three different preparation options you can choose from: Approved preparation material from official bodies, general information and application tips or non-approved and commercial material from third-party providers.
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Tested material for preparation

At DLR there are exercises, information CBTs and general information on the website. All the documents you can find on the website have been developed and designed with the help of (Lufthansa, Deutsche Flugsicherung etc.) so that they provide the best possible preparation.

General information and application tips Pilot Fragen fürs Vorstellungsgespräch

We would like to recommend that you inform yourself extensively about the company and the job description before starting your career. This information can be easily obtained nowadays, e.g. you can use the Internet and visit the website of the respective company and read all the necessary information about the company there (see also “Aerospace on the Internet”). However, if you cannot find enough information on the website, you can also write directly to the company in question and ask for more information.
This will usually provide you with useful information such as the number of employees in the company, the economic situation of the company, the areas in which the company is active, the number of aircraft types in use or what innovations are being worked on in the future. Apart from that, you can find lots of tips and advice on the right application online or in books and magazines.
If the sources are reputable, this advice can also be useful. However, you should bear in mind that such application guides are usually quite general (e.g. what should an application look like, how to behave correctly in a job interview/assessment center) and are not specifically tailored to one profession.

Our recommendation:

With serious offers, you are always advised not to pretend in an interview or assessment center and to present yourself as you are.

berufspilot lufthansa
If you need further information on the subject of job application guides, you can contact the following places: At the employment office, at schools or at selected bookstores that can provide a reputable guide for you. Untested and commercial material from third-party providers You can always find individual “DLR tests” on the Internet or elsewhere.
These so-called “tests” are based on testimonials from former applicants who have taken these tests in recent years and decades. You can also find commercial courses that are supposed to “prepare” you for the DLR test.
However, we strongly advise against such offers, as we have found that they are not useful. In these preparation courses, you learn tips from the respective “lecturer” on how to behave in an assessment center, for example.
However, exactly this rehearsed behavior that you have learned from a “lecturer” is then immediately visible in an assessment center.
This makes it difficult to assess you as a person and your suitability for the job

What options are there for preparing for pilot training?


You should choose the following subjects in the upper secondary school:

English, mathematics and physics
Completion of the medical examination (medical class 1) is recommended before starting training
Read technical literature
Refresh your general knowledge and keep it at a constant level
Gain experience in groups/teamwork (sport, clubs, events)
You should always keep up to date with the latest technology
Years abroad for better foreign language skills

Are there any disadvantages with the BU/FQ if I have already attended courses from third-party providers?

Whether you have already attended a course from a third-party provider or learned with CDs doesn’t matter at all, as these offer you neither advantages nor disadvantages.
However, we do not see preparation as negative in any way! In fact, it’s good to do some preparation.
If you have already attended a course, you can honestly admit this, as already mentioned, this has neither advantages nor disadvantages.
It doesn’t matter whether you have already attended a course or have studied with CDs that are not original like ours, the probability of passing the exam is the same for both groups!
Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or have already attended a preliminary course.
Your chances of passing the exam, whether BU/FQ or GU/FU, do not increase in any way with pre-courses from third-party providers.

I was invited to the exam and I’m nervous

As you have already mentioned, this is a significant situation in your life.
First of all, we can reassure them that they are not the only person who is tense and under pressure in such a scenario.
In fact, all applicants are tense and nervous! And that’s not a problem at all, because it’s completely normal.

If you only feel a small amount of nervousness, then the exam should not be an obstacle for you and you can take it without any major worries. However, if you suffer from severe nervousness, you should look for ways to get it under control.

One example is to go for a long walk the evening before the exam to take your mind off things and clear your head.
You should also avoid constantly thinking about how the exam might turn out.
It is therefore advisable to look for other activities that will clear your head, such as playing sport or listening to music.

If none of this helps, we can recommend that you buy a book on coping with stress in exam situations from a bookshop.
If you are a student, we have another tip for you.
Most universities and colleges offer their students counseling services on exam anxiety and stress, which students can attend.

I didn’t have any more physics lessons in secondary school… Can this affect my career aspirations (pilot)?

piloten schule
Physical-technical knowledge is of course quite an advantage for this profession. If you still have deficits in this area, we can only advise you to acquire this knowledge yourself, e.g. through books, the Internet or CDs.
Perhaps there is still the possibility of attending an appropriate physics course if you have difficulties with this subject.
It is also not decisive whether you had physics at school for 13 years, but rather whether you can deal with physical-technical problems and put yourself in their shoes.
However, it would be advisable for them to have taken part in physics lessons up to year 10 if possible.

What does the DLR test do?

The DLR test tests the level of English language skills, memory, spatial orientation, mathematics, long-term stress, reaction time and various listening tasks. The first section of the DLR lasts nine hours (including breaks) and is completed in the early evening.

How difficult is the DLR test?

The majority of airlines use the DLR test as a selection procedure, the so-called pilot test.
The pilot test, or standard DLR test, is considered to be rather difficult and requires intensive preparation.
Only around five percent of all participants pass the DLR test and therefore progress to the next round, bringing them closer to their dream job as a pilot.

How long should you prepare for the DLR test?

Our DLR Test Program accompanies you step by step. You decide the pace of the individual tests yourself. After 4-6 weeks, you can be very confident if you prepare properly.

Can you become a pilot without a DLR test?

For 15 years, we have not known of any airline that hires prospective pilots without a DLR test. You have already taken the first good step and can find out here how best to prepare for the DLR test.

How difficult is the pilot test?

It is not for nothing that the DLR test is one of the most difficult selection tests of all. If you want to become a pilot or airline pilot, you need good DLR preparation. You will find what you are looking for here.

How often can you take the DLR test?

It is not without reason that the pilot test is considered one of the most difficult recruitment tests.
It is clear from the outset that only a small percentage of applicants can pass the DLR test.
As you are only allowed to take the test once, you have already taken a good step and have obtained the best possible information here with us.

I feel prepared, but I still have some problems with English. Should I postpone the exam now?

It all depends on how good your English already is.
Constantly putting off the test will not help you in the long run.
We can recommend that you take an English test in advance to test your knowledge.
You can use foreign language institutes such as babbel to put your knowledge to the test.
I have read that a so-called “flight knowledge test” is held, in which special questions on aviation-specific terms and abbreviations are asked. My problem is that I don’t have a flying license yet and I don’t have any general knowledge on the subject. The statements you have read are total nonsense and wrong.
A flight knowledge test is only held if you want to become a licensed commercial pilot.
There is no such test for the computer-based DFS examination. However, you will need a sound basic knowledge of mathematics and physics, as you may be asked questions on these subjects.

When I applied, I had to fill out a handwritten form and answer a few questions. Will my handwriting be analyzed more closely or examined in order to compare it later?

This statement is complete nonsense. So-called third-party providers who offer preliminary courses repeatedly make such claims, but they are not true. Nobody presents your handwriting to a graphologist! Graphology is not a scientifically recognized method.

Our recommendation:

If you have already attended a course from a third-party provider or bought a preparation book in which such claims are made, you should consider the quality of the respective lecture or book.
There is now also the possibility that other content is not truthful.

Can I assess my suitability myself if I have done a ‘course’?

skytest piloten-assessment

The suitability is determined independently of any courses already attended by third-party providers.
You can only obtain reliable information on suitability from DLR itself.
We understand that you want to prepare for the exam in the best possible way.
On our website, we therefore offer a solution that provides you with all kinds of information and learning material to prepare you for the exam in the best possible way.
All the information is prepared for you! In our opinion, other offers are neither recommended nor necessary.


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