Are you interested in training at a flight school?
Are you already at flight school and want to take off into the cockpit soon?
Are you already a pilot and want to apply to an airline?

Pilot Fragen fürs Vorstellungsgespräch

What is the DLR certificate?
The DLR certificate is a certificate issued by DLR with which you can prove in your application (to airlines or flight schools) that you have taken part in an examination that covers the psychological requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for cockpit crews. These EASA regulations have been binding since February 2021, and all flight operations above a certain size must comply with the requirements when hiring cockpit personnel. They stipulate that pilots must be examined with regard to their mental abilities and psychological characteristics before being hired.

What services are certified with the DLR certificate?
The certificate presents your test performance from the DLR certificate examination in easy-to-understand language. It is divided into the following sections: Basic Cognitive Abilities, Operational and Professional Competencies, Personality Traits and Social Competencies.

Does the certificate give me flexibility?
Yes, the DLR certificate gives you a high degree of flexibility: plan your examination when it suits you and not when an airline is hiring or when you are under exam stress during your training.

What are the benefits of the DLR certificate?
Over the last few decades, many airlines and flight schools have found it useful to commission DLR to select their cockpit personnel and trainee cockpit pilots. the DLR certificate provides you with a comprehensive assessment that you can decide whether to pass on. by taking the test once, you can provide this proof and present it with all your applications instead of having to take new aptitude tests again and again. you also have the option of showing the certificate at the medical as proof of your psychological aptitude.

What costs do I have to expect?
The costs for the DLR certificate are currently € 375

How can I register for the DLR certificate?
Register by e-mail.
The address lautet:[email protected]
After registering, you can view the currently available dates and you will be informed of further registration steps.

How do I obtain the formalities?

You will receive the contract form with the official invitation, only then do we need this document.
However, you can view the terms and conditions of the contract here.
Under the item View contract form

When does the examination begin and end?
In Hamburg, the test starts at 08:00 in the morning and ends around 17:00.
In Zurich, the test takes place from 08:45 – 18:00.

DLR certificate online?
Due to the special significance of the DLR certificate, it is only possible to take an in-person test at DLR in Hamburg or Zurich. In our examination rooms you will find standardized and fair examination conditions.

Can I repeat the DLR certificate?
You can repeat the examination for the DLR certificate.
We recommend a waiting period of 6 months before retaking the examination.
Short-term retests have shown that knowledge, skills and competencies do not usually improve.
The repetition of a certificate examination is not noted on the certificate.
A repeated certificate therefore has the same meaning as an initial certificate. If you repeat the certificate, you must repeat all areas. If test performance is worse in a second test, it is therefore quite possible that assessments will deteriorate.
It is not possible to “add up” assessments from different certificate examinations.

Are the results of the first certificate included in the repeat certificate?
DLR reserves the right to apply appropriate statistical correction procedures in the event of multiple participation in the test procedures in order to ensure appropriate diagnostics.

If the first certificate is better than the repeat certificate, which one counts?
The certificate is valid for two years. Which certificate you use is your decision.

Does the certificate examination also include an assessment center and an interview?
No, none will take place.

How long is the DLR certificate valid for?
The DLR certificate is valid for two years.

Is there a minimum age?
The minimum age for participation in a certificate examination is 16 years.
For participants under the age of 18, DLR’s contractual partners are their legal guardians.
If you have full legal capacity at the age of 18, you can conclude the contract with DLR yourself.

Are the test procedures and costs of the certificate examinations in Hamburg and Zurich identical?
The test procedures and costs in Hamburg and Zurich are identical.