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Our software is the proven preparation solution for the DLR test (Lufthansa, European Flight Academy EFA (MPL), Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, TUIfly, Air Dolomiti, Bundes-Polizei, ADAC etc.), as well as for Turkish Airlines, Sun Express, Aerologic and RWL.
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Our training software made in Germany is known worldwide and the market leader.
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Our package presented simply

✓Detailed information on the important test areas of the DLR Pilot Test
✓Exclusive insight into experience reports and insider tips
✓Get fit in the test areas of memory, concentration, logic, language and general knowledge
✓We teach you the best strategy and approach for the pilot test
✓You can test your knowledge in advance thanks to numerous interactive tests and exercises In addition

you will receive our book with numerous other exercises and tips for the pilot test completely free of charge as part of our special offer

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Online DLR Test Trainer Pro Version Over 1199 exercises on DLR Useful knowledge book (digital version) Personal e-mail support Unlimited license Interpersonal Skills

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The revised and expanded edition of Sky-Supp increases your chances of getting that coveted seat in the cockpit or in the air traffic control center. All new and important tests for applications to Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss, Hapag Lloyd, Air Berlin and others are included: – concentration-performance tests – psychological tests – mathematical and physical tests – aeronautical understanding – memory training – long-term tests -+ten interactive tests

How to prepare for the pilot test?

It is best to prepare for the pilot test in good time and in sufficient detail, and possibly seek advice from professional pilots in online forums. To refresh your math, grammar and possibly also language skills language skills, it is best to use traditional school materials.

How often can you take the pilot test?

It is generally known that only a small percentage of applicants will actually pass the test. will actually pass the test. As you are only allowed to take the test once, it is advisable to prepare carefully for the DLR test.

How difficult is the pilot test?

The pilot test is one of the toughest selection tests of all professional groups in Germany and worldwide.

If you want to realize your dream and become a pilot or airline pilot, there is no way around it – and you need to be well prepared. Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, Condor and German Air Traffic Control, among others, rely on the DLR test. and German Air Traffic Control.

What is the pilot test?

The pilot test is very demanding and requires a lot from the test candidate.

If you want to become a pilot or airline pilot, you should be well prepared. Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, Condor and German Air Traffic Control, among others, rely on the DLR test and German Air Traffic Control.

How does the pilot test work?

During the basic vocational examination, tests are carried out on the computer. This skills such as dexterity and reaction speed are reaction speed are tested. But general knowledge, as well as physical, mathematical and English skills are also tested.

How many pass the pilot test?

The pilot test is classified as difficult and requires intensive preparation time. About five percent of all participating candidates pass the DLR pilot test on average.

Is it difficult to become a pilot?

If you want to pass the entrance tests, you need to be well prepared and disciplined.
Anyone who gets a training place with one of the airlines is lucky. If you don’t make it, you can do private training according to your financial means for around 70,000 euros or more.

How do I become a Lufthansa pilot?

Minimum requirement – General or subject-specific university entrance qualification. – At least 17 years old at the time of application. – Height between 1.65 and 1.98 meters. – Fluency in German and English. – Good physical condition. – Good eyesight (+/- 3.0 dioptres)

How good do you have to be in English to become a pilot?

English language proficiency was introduced to prevent language problems from causing fatal errors in the air.
Pilots have to take a test in order to obtain a license or retain their license and must be able to demonstrate a level of proficiency level 4 or higher.

Pilot test what to learn?

In the first section of the DLR pilot test, you have to complete various tasks on the computer and solve them correctly.
During the basic vocational examination, for example, your your reaction speed, your dexterity and also your general knowledge. are tested.

Pilot training

The desire to take to the skies and fly has fascinated people for many years. Even today, in the modern age in which flights into space are technically possible, the fascination for flying is unbroken.
Many people want to realize a long-cherished childhood dream by training to become a professional pilot.
Pilots still feel the same enthusiasm and passion for flying despite many years in the profession.

Pilot training to become a professional pilot

Before you learn to fly, you have to learn the basics. Commercial pilots have an enormous responsibility.
They operate in an environment characterized by state-of-the-art technology. In essence, they are the ones who take on a great deal of responsibility every day and are responsible for the lives and well-being of people, and flying sometimes places tough demands on the physical and mental strength of pilots.
In order to meet all requirements, those who receive high-quality training are carefully selected.
There are several ways to become a pilot. But before any training, whether in the German Armed Forces or in commercial aviation, nothing stands in the way of a career and a career in the cockpit if you are well prepared.

Pilot training with an airline or a private flight school?

The German Armed Forces offer pilot training that opens up many possibilities.
In addition to studying, you can also train to become a helicopter pilot or jet pilot, for example.
But even if you are interested in civil aviation, there are various training opportunities.
The training courses offered by various airlines are very popular.
If you pass the aptitude test, you will receive good training and are very likely to be permanently employed later on.
The self-financed training route is not quite as convenient, but it can be completed in various modules and can therefore be completed at any time while working.
Theory lessons are sometimes even offered as distance learning. Pilot licenses are acquired in stages. You start with the Private Pilot License (PPL). The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) then allows the commercial use of a small aircraft with up to nine passengers. But only the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) then entitles the holder to fly large passenger aircraft. Incidentally, numerous flight schools also offer helicopter pilot licenses. If you would like to finance your pilot training privately, you should check carefully whether pilot training abroad might be significantly cheaper. Many flight schools also offer a combination option

Salary of a commercial pilot

How much money does a pilot earn? This question cannot be answered in general terms, as the pilot’s salary depends on various factors, such as the position (co-pilot or captain), the length of service and the airline they work for.
There are particularly large differences in the salary of pilots between the individual airlines. After completing around two years of pilot training, you start your career as a co-pilot (“first officer”).
The starting salary of a co-pilot is between 25,000 and 70,000 euros, depending on the airline.
After eight to twelve years, you have the opportunity to advance to captain and then earn between 49,000 euros and 131,000 euros.
At the end of their career as a pilot, airline captains earn between 86,000 and 231,000 euros gross. In all cases, the salary is made up of a basic salary and bonuses for shift work and flying hours.

Pilot salary at Lufthansa

Lufthansa pilots are among the best-paid employees in Germany.
The average gross annual income of a co-pilot is 65,000 euros.
This then increases from year to year in numerous career stages up to a maximum income of around 235,000 euros

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